Donna Brown is an absolutely brilliant, visionary social media marketer! With a watchful eye on a wide range of news and blogging sources, Donna is always step ahead of emerging trends, consistently producing relevant up-to-the-minute content and creating interesting, well-organized events that are innovative and fresh. Her sharp analytical mind, along with her impressive self-motivation and thoughtful demeanor make her an invaluable business partner and an extraordinarily talented leader.

In the years we’ve worked together, Donna has single-handedly managed a wide-range of business affairs and marketing endeavors. When making any major decision, I have constantly relied on her wisdom and advice. Donna is one of those rare, remarkable people who can do anything and do it marvelously well!

Terri Giuliano Long

Bestselling Author of Award-winning Literary Fiction

I have had the pleasure of working with Donna Brown for approximately 1.5 years as an assistant in my work with The Author CEO, first as a spotlight series on Terri Guiliano Long’s blog and then as a consulting company for authors navigating the business side of book publishing. Donna originally edited and designed my posts placed on Terri’s website. This expanded to her role as a website and social media designer for The Author CEO consulting firm. I have found her services to be absolutely invaluable and dang near perfect. Donna is incredibly knowledgeable and creatively gifted in website design and social media management, as well as editing/design services. Not only have I recommended Donna numerous times as an author assistant, I have continued to seek her out for my own organization. Lastly, Donna has provided invaluable insight into information lacking in the publishing world to assist me in my work with The Author CEO. Having a pulse on this industry, Donna KNOWS how to navigate the publishing world and what attracts customers!!

Naomi Blackburn MBA

Literary Business Consultant/Owner

Donna has a wealth of knowledge! She is a VERY Internet savvy, hard-working professional. Apart from having a fantastic and creative eye, she also has the rare ability of turning an outdated and rather “dead” website into an absolutely well-indexed and attractive one that is so easy to be found! It’s quite obvious that she loves her work and she’s always looking for ways of improving and honing her skills! I would recommend her work to anyone interested in having a “top-notch” website done, from concept to the final output! I am really lucky to have met her!

Catalina Reid

Education Manager

I’m fortunate to have worked with Donna Brown several times over the past year. Donna is smart, organized, knowledgeable, and effective. Every project she’s involved in runs smoothly and achieves the desired goal. I highly recommend her services!

Molly Greene

Author and Blogging Coach